Meet The Team

Wild Little Heart formed in 2019 when the founders were faced with a lack of high quality and stylish baby wear in the US market for their babies. They fell in love with the unique styles of South Korea’s baby fashion and immediately knew it would be a hit with fellow moms in the United States. Through some trial and error, lots of research, and a whole heap of love, Wild Little Heart was born. Read on to get to know the founders: Anna, Zoie, and JK!

(Left: Zoie, Center: JK, Right: Anna)

Anna, Founder, Mother of Two

Home for me has never been a static place. I lived as a nomad my entire life, ever since I was young. My parents traveled a lot for their business and I found myself in many different parts of the world. I grew up thinking that this was normal and that I would always be on the road. Even my main business in educational consulting brought me clients from different countries and I was constantly hopping time zones. Fast forward to 2018 when I gave birth to my first baby, Rosewood. All of a sudden, I had a reason to settle and place roots in one home to provide my daughter with a sense of stability. I wanted for her what I had never had - a place to return to. Settling down gave me more time to build something that I was passionate about. I had already started exploring premium clothing options for my daughter and JK introduced me to Korean baby clothing. I knew that it was something that the American market needed, so I approached JK and Zoie to start Wild Little Heart. My dream is to create a platform to connect all moms who are constantly in search of the best for their children. The Wild Little Heart community has grown so much, and I am so excited for it to reach new heights! 

JK, Founder, Mother of Two

When people ask me what I would describe myself as, the first terms that come to mind are wife, mother, and tattooer. These three terms have really defined me these past five years. I can't imagine losing any of these pieces of my life, and I have truly grown comfortable and happy with myself in each role. And despite tattooing being my main career, I knew I wanted something more family-centric to reflect my growing home. My first child was born in 2018. I fell in love with the role of being a mother and the challenges that came with it. As Hunter grew from tiny babe to a whirlwind of a toddler, I began looking for children’s fashion that would adapt to the many facets of his day to day activity while being simple and stylish. On a trip to Korea in 2019 to see family, a relative took me shopping and I was instantly hooked into Korean baby clothing. The materials were high quality, and the designs were more of a grown up’s taste in little form. I ditched the loud, primary designs of US clothing and began buying from Korea. When Anna approached me about turning it into a business, I knew she was onto something. Our friends were always asking where we had gotten our babies’ outfits from. So together with Zoie, her college friend, we sought to make premium, Korean baby clothing available. Wild Little Heart has evolved our friendship and our relationships with our babies more than ever, and I can’t wait to bring the next chapter to life!

Zoie, Founder, Mother of One

I've always loved the fashion industry and thought I would work in it. At one point, I was working as a runway model. However, more than a decade later, I now work in accounting at a publicly traded company. My life did a 180 and I landed in a completely different field. But deep down inside I always knew my life path would cross with fashion in some way again. As Anna’s then-college roommate and now godmother to her two beautiful daughters, I was constantly on the search for high-quality baby clothing for them that later led to discussions with Anna on the design and fabric selections of the clothes. Anna later introduced me to JK, who shared the same vision with us; we joined forces and Wild Little Heart was born in 2019. Now that I’m a new mom to a four-month-old, I’m all the more passionate about bringing the softest and the most chic pieces to my little one. We are so glad that our vision was brought into existence through the love we have for our babies to build a community of people looking to share the same goal of premium baby wear with us.